jesus christ’s love

“I love you so much that I will give up everything to be with you,” he said, “I am only human, but I have a heart full of love.”




Jesus was teaching this to the disciples before they left for their journey. He told them he could not accept money from anyone because he loved so deeply. The disciples began asking questions and Jesus answered. So, the story says that it got complicated. If a follower had the opportunity to ask one question, he would ask two questions:




What is my relationship with whom? What do I love about him? Is there love in my heart?

Jesus begins by saying in his own words what he loves most about them: He knows they are his children. They were born unto God through his Spirit, so they do not need people’s approval—they are capable of loving others.



How does he know so much about these men without speaking? Through his miracles of healing (see Revelation 19:13-16). As he was talking to them, one woman said, “You can heal the sick, but you cannot bring back the dead from the grave.” A few days later Jesus said, “Do you hear, little man, what I say to you?” When he saw their faces, it seemed they had never seen his face before. But he knew. Jesus knew how different they are from their neighbors. People tend not to know their neighbors’ needs, never think about that part, and it never occurs to them that there is something wrong with them. And yet, here we are! We are all sinners. What is your response? Can’t we go back to our normal life and start doing things differently?”

Jesus then asks everyone to see how happy they are with their lives. In other words, he wants us to look at ourselves every day. How good am I? Have I been living well and serving? Do I live for others or myself? Are my friends and family as important as my healthiness?

“And I want you to see that everything you have is not given to you,” Jesus said, “but that which you are holding on to has been given to you.” Then he told them, “Behold, I have given my Son to the world so you may be complete. Whoever believes in me, that believeth in me, no one cometh to the Father except through me.” And now they understand “who I am.”

That is why Jesus said in Corinthians 14:1-2: “I am the bread of life that we eat. For whoever eats of me, both will live.” So, how can we not think of ourself as being alive? Because we are living in a society where if someone dies, no one cares about it. It is as though we are not alive because we are just waiting for death to happen and when we die, we will be forgotten. We just lose touch with our deepest parts of who we are.

But if we turn away from sin and do what is expected of us, then we will find true love.

We must remember that we are not alone. There is a God that is greater than we are. Who made the earth, whose time it is to end and we have come to partake in His goodness by embracing Him in grace. If we have nothing else to learn from those born into this world, then we must reflect on how far we have fallen. With that in mind, we have been shown love of God not of ourselves, the flesh, flesh, and blood, but Christ Himself, our Savior.

Therefore, let’s keep searching until we can discover our real relationships and live the truth and follow what we have learned. Don’t ever forget the power I gave you to make your decisions.