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How to Use Humor in Advertising to Make Your Small Business More Memorable

You’re likely to come up with a the names of brands across the country which use humor as a part of their advertisements such as When Spotify employed wacky customer data instead of billboards that are traditional; the time that KFC apology for having run out of chickens in UK and expressed its regret to their mistake FCK down; and the way Skittles have managed to be taken seriously despite ads that are absurdity.

The fact that you’re quickly able to remember the various campaigns is proof of their effectiveness as attention-grabbing tools. But is it possible to use humor for smaller businesses or local businesses?

How humor can help your business

Humor can be disruptive. It forces people to take a step back and pay to pay. Studies show that when we see something humorous and funny, we are 53 percent more likely to recall it.

This is due to the fact that we are more attentive to comedy than information that is simply information. When people see a video that is funny the message is interpreted in terms of entertainment and not an advertisement as they would prefer to have fun more often than to be sold something. Given that the average person is exposed to 6,000 ads each day, this might be the key ingredient that helps you make an impression in a world filled with ads that are competing for interest.

Humor in your advertisements can enhance your brand and help to establish a welcoming voice for your business, especially in the absence of an extensive budget for marketing. But, using humor requires certain consideration. Different industries have their own specific aspects they are able to or should not be laughing about, and various clients differ in their expectations. Banks, for instance could have a humorous advertising campaign to get customers to sign up but they would not joke on losing your cash. When it comes down to the important stuff, businesses would like to look professional and trustworthy.

The benefit of applying a little playful japery in your advertising is that it evens an playing field. By taking calculated risks , which larger companies are reluctant to take, small firms can be competitive with bigger businesses. People are also drawn to people who are funny So if your marketing sign, logo, or other signage is funny, it could be the factor that makes people choose you instead of a generic worldwide rival.

Going one more advanced step, you could also bring a sense of humor to your brand by using humorous branding. Being able to laugh at your own or with others could give your brand personality and make your company appear more accessible.

This being said that you shouldn’t use any old joke. It must be tied to your business. The coffee shops have been using this with great success for years (Jitters, Central Perk, the Daily Grind, etc. ) While a number of microbreweries employ wordplay in their signs and product names.

You could also make use of your logo, name products, or even services to make fun of Although this could require some thought to think of, studies have demonstrated that it’s worth it. Companies that frequently employ humor beat their competitors.

Ideas for using humor in your business

There are three primary methods to bring humor into your company:

  • In the context of a temporary advertisement campaign that is outside of your home
  • Part of the interior of your company like display boards for menus, window displays and so on.
  • In conjunction with your brand name, name, or any permanent signs

The forms of humor that work the best include silliness, exaggeration, puns or games with visual humor, words, and even surprises. Consider funny advertisements and signs you’ve encountered recently or remain in your mind, and attempt to explain the reason they are so effective.

Branding for business

If you’re looking for comedy to be a key element of your brand and marketing, then you must go all-in with a humorous approach, such as Pho Real Pho Real, an Vietnamese restaurant located in Colorado. Another funny example could be the Bread Zeppelin in Texas that goes one step further by using the slogan of the title: salads that are enhanced.

If you choose to take a humorous approach to your name, it is important to take it seriously and clear manner. Don’t simply tack onto any joke that doesn’t pertain to your company. You could also make fun of the other areas of your company like location. Indiana Jeans anyone?

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising

Large print outdoor signs are a great option to inject some humor into your brand’s image. Because these kinds of signage typically have a limited life span and don’t offer an ongoing change to your company’s logo or slogan. The most effective humorous ideas for these signs are those that use your company’s name, logo or products you offer to create a conversational point.

Take a look at some sites close to your location that could work well to use for OOH advertising. For instance, if your café is situated near the most visited tourist destination You could create ads with a fun banner (“You’ve visited the most popular attractions in New York, now try the finest coffee, as rated by an individual in Tripadvisor 3 years ago!) for them to come to your cafe.

  • Wraps for cars

    One of the most effective ways to make use of humor in advertising to be seen by a large number of people is to put it on your delivery or business vehicles. Create a humorous phrase that you can placed on the back of a van or truck which drivers who are driving by are likely to take enough time to look over. This will expose your brand to a larger number of people than if it is placed on a banner that remains at one location. Slogans can be swapped out as frequently as you’d like and allow you to play around with various ideas.

    Interior signs

    It is also possible to inject some humor in your company. If you’re taking your business seriously does not mean that your open and shut sign or bathroom sign, should be.

    Items that are temporary or changeable

    If you’d like to utilize something more temporary or one that you can change more often, you could consider using a frame sign or blackboard that is placed in front of your establishment which you could include jokes on regularly. Signs like these can assist people in finding your company, which is particularly beneficial in the case of being situated on a less-frequently used side street.

    Another alternative is to changeable letters–also called reader boards or marquee letters signs that are positioned on the outside of establishments. They can be modified to show the specials of the day or a cleverly-worded pun. These are a fantastic effect for jokes on the topic and gaining exposure on the internet since they can be captured and shared there is no risk involved If someone doesn’t like the sign, you could remove it.

    Making a serious effort to be funny

    Before you launch an advertising campaign that is based on humor there are some issues to take into consideration:

    • Be careful not to offend anyone. Not everyone is going to regard your humor as a comedy gem If it does get the attention of others, it’s been successful. But it’s an entirely different story when you offend or alienate one person. Nobody wants to be known for all negative reasons therefore it’s always a good idea to try your ideas out on individuals you are familiar with prior to making any commitments. Be sure to stay clear of anything controversial or political, or to use things that are timely for longer-term signage since it can result in negative controversy or fade way too fast.
    • Be careful about the places and times you use humorous content. Humor can work amazing on banners for advertising and window graphics or on the sides of a delivery van. not so much on legal documents or at times where the customer is expecting professionalism.
    • Don’t go overboard with this. You don’t want to appear informal or not take your customers and your business seriously. You also do not want to overstay your welcome. Every additional joke can diminish your impact from the joke preceding it.
    • Jokes are usually required to be recognized at one glance or perhaps a two-second glance at the the most. Luckily, this is especially effective for companies with complex titles (or names that aren’t making clear the industry they’re in, like family-oriented names). People will be able to remember the joke and your name through the association.

    Another way that humor can be used to boost your company’s image is if your message or joke becomes viral. If people are impressed by your message and the message is shared on social media the chances are that it will spread with the help of an appealing visual component. You can even expand on the joke by revising it or running a campaign to go along with it. It’s something that happens in a natural way. If you hint at the fact that it was made with the intention of achieving that and the joke dies fast.

    Last laugh

    When you are considering making use of humor to promote your small-scale business, whether as a permanent element of your brand or a temporary campaign, it’s important to take into consideration your market, your industry and the timeframe that the humor piece is being used.

    With careful planning and a little bit of research, there’s no reason to believe that you shouldn’t take advantage of a clever joke or wordplay to get your clients on your side and in your doors.

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